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Professor Din Ping Tsai of the Physics Department Distinguishes Himself by Becoming a Fellow of the American Physical Society!!

Another NTU professor wins an important international academic honor!! Owing to his outstanding achievements in the field of optics, Professor Din Ping Tsai of the Department of Physics attracted widespread international attention and recently became a fellow of the American Physical Society !! The American Physical Society selects members who have made outstanding contributions and achieved ingenuity in physics research to become its fellows every year. As the selection process is extremely rigorous, of the total number of members, less than 0.5% are eligible for the conferment of fellowship. Therefore, to become a fellow of the American Physical Society has been the highest honor pursued by physicists all over the world.

The American Physical Society was founded in 1899. It is a non-profit scientific and educational organization with a history of over 100 years. It is devoted to long-term physics research and education, promotion of science and technology, publication of physics related journals, organization of academic conferences and other activities, and has 46,000 members all over the world. Every year, through a very stringent process, the American Physics Society selects members whose research achievements displayed great ingenuity or made significant contributions to physics to become its fellows.

Professor Din Ping Tsai has been involved with the research of near field optics and nano photonics since 1986. In 1990 he published the world's first experiment and application of near-field optical microscopy on the study of optical waveguide; in 1994 he reported the world's first near-field Raman scattering spectra. Also in 1994 he was the first scholar to authenticate the experimental observation of the localized surface plasmons of fractal metal colloid clusters in near field. His research findings was published in Physics Review Letter, and up to this date this article has been quoted 133 times, blazing the trail for the world's near-field optical experiments and applications of localized surface plasmon of nano random media.

Professor Tsai's main research area lies in nano photonics and the applications of optical engineering. He has won numerous awards both at home and from abroad, including the "Outstanding Achievement Award in Science and Technology" from the Executive Yuan, the "Excellent Industry/Academy Cooperation Award' from the Ministry of Education, "Distinguished Optical Engineering Award" from the Optical Engineering Society of Republic of China, the "Fu-Ssu-nien Award" from NTU, etc., and the "Best Paper Award" in many international conferences.

Professor Tsai's outstanding academic achievements received important domestic and international recognitions. He is a fellow of International Society of Optical Engineering (SPIE), and also a fellow of Optical Society of America (OSA) and American Physical Society (APS). In addition, he is a senor member of IEEE, and a fellow of the Physical Society of Republic of China. On top of all these, he serves many important international academic positions, including member of the editorial board of three important international journals, member of the nano optical committee of IEEE, member of the fellowship review committee of OSA, etc.

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