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Trend Micro Cooperates with NTU to Offer "Trend Courses in
Cloud Computing" in an Effort to Cultivate Talents in Cloud Computing

According to the forecasts of IDC, a market research company, by 2012, the investment of global enterprises on cloud computing will increase from 16 billion U.S. dollars to 42 billion. Following this trend of cloud computing, the sales and operations of softwares have shifted from a single host to a large number of parallel computation on the web. Under such a model of economic development and business strategy, how to enhance the students' competiveness to converge with the industry has become increasingly important. Meanwhile, under the impact of financial tsunami, how to reduce the IT sector investment, and continue to provide high-quality information services has become a subject of extreme significance. Therefore, cloud computing has become an important issue for the information industry. Through cloud computing technology, businesses can have on-line access at reasonable prices to computing resources, information services, and software services, and the software industrial members can utilize cloud computing technology to concentrate on the development of software systems, without having to consider the back-end platform integration and maintenance.

The College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of NTU cooperates with Trend Micro to offer "Trend Courses in Cloud Computing." Sponsored by Trend Micro, this curriculum will provide three service levels of courses to allow students to have an overall understanding of cloud computing in order to enable students to engage in R&D and applications of cloud computing.

Meanwhile, Trend Micro announced that those students who have completed the trend courses can directly participate in the new employee training courses of Trend Micro without having to go through the interview process, and those who pass the tests can become a new employee at Trend Micro. It is believed that by so doing academic education and the needs of the industry can meet with each other at one fell swoop, and that there will be no gap in-between. President SI-Chen Lee of NTU said: "When all the major IT industries in the world are actively developing clouds, whether Taiwan can have outstanding talents in cloud computing will decide whether Taiwan can play a pivotal role in the global stage of clouds. National Taiwan University is truly honored to lead other universities in offering the "Trend Courses in Cloud Computing." In addition to a strong faculty and very solid teaching materials, I trust that with Trend Micro's industry experience and technical expertise, these courses will add tremendous practical values to our traditional curriculum and create a broader perspective!!"

Dr. Lin-Shan Lee, Dean of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, added: "This is a rare opportunity. I believe that the carefully screened students, after they complete the multi-level courses in cloud computing and after they finish their internship at Trend Micro, will become the crack troops of cloud computing for Taiwan." Mrs. Jenny Chang, Chief Cultural Officer of Trend Micro said: "Trend Micro has been actively involved with nurturing IT talents. Now that we continue our spirit of cultivating IT talents through software competitions by cooperating with the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of NTU to sponsor the "Trend Courses in Cloud Computing," is truly indicative of Trend Micro's idea of fostering talents in IT."

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