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NTU's New Landmark—Construction Project for the College
of Social Sciences Set in Motion, Totaling 1.61 Billion N.T.

After twelve arduous years, and costing 1.61 billion N.T. dollars in total, the construction project for the College of Social Sciences finally held its ground breaking ceremony on March 2nd, 2010, at 10 o'clock in the morning. President Si-Chen Lee, Dean of the College of Social Sciences Dr. Yung-Mao Chao, former President Chen Sun, Chairman of Tung-Ho Steel Mr. Jen-Shyong Ho, Chairman of Taiwan Cement Corporation Mr. Cheng-Yun Koo, Mrs. Cecilia Yen Koo and her family, Chairman of International Cultural and Educational Foundation Mr. Jie-Zhou Liu, Japanese architect Tayo Ito, Chairman of Fu Tsu Construction Mr. Chih -Sheng Lin, top echelon administrators from the university and dignitaries from society attended the grand occasion.

In his speech President Lee said that the relocation of the College of Social Sciences back to the main campus symbolizes a new era in the development of National Taiwan University. He was thankful to the alumni for their generous donations which he believed would make the faculty and students at NTU work all the more harder to build a better future for our country.

NTU is moving toward globalization. The buildings of the new College of Social Sciences specifically invited the internationally renowned architect Toyo Ito to be the designer for a good reason, i.e., that they are mutually complementary. President Lee believed that the College of Social Sciences building will not only become a representative architecture for NTU campus in the 21st century, but will also become a paragon of campus open space for Taiwan.

President Lee emphasized that, in the history of National Taiwan University, 1.6 billion is the largest amount ever spent on any public construction. Of the 1.6 billion, 40% of which was donated by NTU alumni. Besides thanking all the donors, special thanks are due to Chairman Jen-Shyong Ho of Tung Ho Steel, Chairman Cheng-Yun Koo of Taiwan Cement Corporation, and Chairman Jie-zhou Liu of the International Cultural and Educational Foundation, whose large amount donations brought the construction project into fruition.

Former President Chen Sun pointed out: "Relocating to the main campus has been the expectation of the faculty and students of the College of Social Sciences for decades, and it also sits well with a comprehensive university. In 1984, the second year when I was President of NTU, the site was a nursery of flowers. In 1985 the site was reclaimed by the university and designated as the future space for the College of Social Sciences. The College of Law evolved from a Department of Business into a College of Management, then it was relocated to its present site in Gongguan, the Department of Sociology,the Institute of National Development, and the Institute of Journalism comprised the first phase of relocation; now the Department of Political Science and the Department of Economics also relocate back to the main campus, completing the relocation of the College of Law."

In making his speech, Dean Yung-Mao Chao said humorously that in addition to the presence of hardwares, softwares are equally important. So in the future he expects to set up some seminars and scholarships to complete the picture. Aside from thanking the major donors, he wants to extend his deepest appreciation on behalf of all faculty and students of the College of Social Sciences to the small amount donors.

The total floor area of the College of Social Science Building is 53231.69 square meters (roughly 16102.6 ping). It is an architecture with eight stories above ground and two basements. The main building measures 168 meters from East to West, 26 meters from North to South, and 31 meters in height. The areas above ground measures 29664.5 square meters, and the areas under ground measures 23567.19 square meters, in which the reading room in the library measures 50 50 meters by 50 meters, and 6 meters in height. This is a building of complete thoroughfare, and the cost of it amounts to 1.61 billion N.T.

The fundamental design of the construction project was done by Toyo Ito & Associates of Japan, whereas the detailed designs were co-executed by Toyo Ito & Associates, Fei & Cheng Associates, and A + B Design Group. Fu Tsu Construction, a famous domestic construction company, won the construction bid on December 17th, 2009. After completion, the new College of Social Sciences will provide faculty and students a new teaching and learning environment, and change the situation in which students had to commute between the main campus and the College of Social Sciences. The interaction between the College of Natural Sciences and the College of Social Sciences is expected to upgrade and enhance after the College of Law and the College of Social Sciences relocate to the main campus. In essence, the new College of Social Sciences will bring about a new appreciation of the architectural style in NTU. In an international environment, not only should the teachers and students pursue international exchange, but the campus environment can be improved as well through cross national architectural experiences.

Supplements to donation data

The construction project for the College of Social Sciences received enthusiastic support from alumni, and we invited architects of international caliber to conduct fundamental design and detailed design on a pro bono basis. Our purpose was to build a landmark architecture for National Taiwan University. Up to now, the major donors who have contributed over 100 million N.T. dollars are as follows:

Chairman Jen-Syong Ho of Tung Ho Steel donated 200 million N.T. in 2004, which included 7500 tons of steel, and 80 millions in cash, plus 10 millions for detailed design. Then, owing to design needs, the amount of steel donated was increased to 8100 tons. So, Chairman Ho's personal donation includes 8100 tons of steel (market value over 150 million) and 90 million in cash, amounting to 240 millions in total.

Mr. Cheng-Fu Koo, the deceased Chairman of Taiwan Cement Corporation, promised to donate 100 million N.T. to NTU before his death. His son, the current Chairman of Taiwan Cement Corporation, Mr. Cheng-yung Koo, also donates 90 million on behalf of his family, of which 30 million was to be used for the design and decoration of "Cheng-Fu Koo Memorial Library." Therefore, the total contribution from the Koo family is at 190 million N.T. dollars. Mr. Jie-Zhou Liu, Chairman of the International Cultural and Educational Foundation, donated 110 million N.T. dollars, of which 20 million was used for detailed design and other related expenses.

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