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NTU Interdisciplinary R&D Team Successfully Developed Real-Time Multi-function Portable Medical Diagnostic Instrument VsensorNTU Which Can Detect Virus or Caner in 12 Minutes—Our Achievement Shocked the World

Under the full support of the Science and Technology Advisory Group of the Executive Yuan and the National Science Council, the Taiwan Biotech Diamond Action Plan has achieved meritorious results. The NTU interdisciplinary R&D team successfully developed a real time, multi-function portable diagnostic instrument called VsensorBTU, which can detect virus or cancer within 12 minutes. This invention shocked the world not only because it is unique, but also because it can save countless patients and can drive the global medical industry into a new era.

Six interdisciplinary R& D teams, comprised of more than ten faculty members including Professor Shi-ming Lin of the Center for Optoelectronic Biomedicine, Professor Pan-chyr Yang (Dean of the School of Medicine and a physician of Internal Medicine at NTU Hospital), Professor Ming-Liang Kuo (Institute of Toxicology), Professor Bor-Ching Sheu (Department of Obstetrics, NTU Hospital), and Professor Luan-Ying Chang (physician of pediatrics at NTU Hospital) spent several years to complete their research process which culminated in the invention of a world-shocking cutting edge electronic medical product----the VsensorNTU. They started from the upstream sensor chip to the downstream six clinical trials, from the third level medical equipment inspection and registration to the technology transfer and mass production. All in all their efforts could be said to be quite strenuous.

This world shocking real time multi-function portable medical diagnostic instrument became known as VsensorNTU. Over the past year it has been clinically proven 100% effective in diagnosing the specificity, sensitivity, and high reproducibility of six major diseases that threaten public health, including (1) high oncogenic human papillomavirus tumor (cervical cancer) virus diagnosis (2) diagnosis of enterovirus 71 (3) specific diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (4) specific diagnosis of lung cancer (5) diagnosis of influenza virus (6) sepsis diagnosis. Also, VsensorNTU carries significant benefits in being real time, convenient, economical and non-invasive in its diagnostic functions. Once this instrument is sold in the markets, the general public can have any infection or cancer diagnosed in their homes or in ordinary clinics.

Leader of the Research Team, Professor Shi-Ming Lin of the Center for Optoelectronic Bio-medicine points out that, by adding appropriate modules to VsensorNTU, its functions and features can be expanded in the future, and when it is incorporated into a notebook computer or a video phone, we can achieve personal preventive health care and medical diagnosis, and high quality, high efficiency results of the point of care system.

Dean of the School of Medicine, Dr. Pan Chyr Yang further emphasized that, VsensorNTU is a significant breakthrough in medical research, because in the past medical inspection mainly relied on optical technology to observe the genomes of virus cells. Not only was this method time-consuming, expensive, and limited in its accuracy, but diseases such as liver cancer was difficult to diagnose in the initial phase. VsensorNTU, on the other hand, developed the world leading electronic antibody engineering inspection technology, it is innovative, economical, fast, and has a high entry threshold, and its deection sensitivity has reashed 2pg/mL. It even has a portable function, which allows clinic physicians and the general public to conduct self-diagnosis at fixed points. Like a cell phone, VsensorNTU will become an indispensable health detecting device for mankind. In essence, the invention of VsensorNTU greatly enhances the efficiency of diagnosis and the feasibility of long distance medical care, and makes revolutionary contributions to protecting the life and health of the general public.

The patent portfolio of our core technology has been deployed and passed the review of the IRB (Institutional Review Board) of NTU Hospital. The clinical trials of VsensorNTU have been completed, and the research results have been published in international academic journals, proving that VsensorNTU could provide more efficient clinic diagnosis, cancer tracking and immediate judgment on dosage schedule. It can provide immediate protection for children infected with enterovirus or rotavirus, for women infected with high oncogenic human papillomavirus (cervical cancer viruses), or the general public infected with influenza viruses, it can also offer after-treatment tracking for patients inflicted with liver or lung cancer and enhancement of prognosis. VsensorNTU related technologies have been transferred to Wisefame International which has been aided by Capital Securities Corp. to go public, and we have founded a new company called Vsense Biotech Ltd., in the Neihu district of Taipei to further conduct mass production and commercialization of the industry chain.

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