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10 Billion Dollars earmarked as the total budget for the second phase of MOE’s “Aim for Top University Plan,”of which NTU acquired 3.1 billion

With a brand new revitalized strategy in teaching and research, NTU aims to become one of the top 50 universities in the world Concentrating on the top notch universities to cultivate their competitive strengths, the Ministry of Education’s 2nd phase of “Aim for Top University Plan” had the winners announced on April 1st. A total number of 30 universities applied for the grant. After careful review and evaluation, 12 universities were decided eligible for subsidy. Based on achievements of the 1st phase of “Developing first class international universities and top notch research centers plan”, the 2nd phase will come into force starting from April of 2011 for a period of five years.

When interviewed by the press, President Si-Chen Lee thanked the panel of judges for their support and affirmation. With the subsidies obtained from the 1st phase of Ministry of Education’s “Aim for top university plan,” National Taiwan University eventually became one of the top 100 universities in the world. In the future, NTU will base its teaching and research on a revitalized strategy of internationalization, and focus its efforts on major issues such as the sustainable development of mankind. In the area of teaching, NTU’s new policies will be efficiency oriented, and our University will set up the International Education Center, with a view toward mapping out a new vision through the creation of a Chinese teaching environment which fully understands the special features of Chinese culture, and marching toward one of the top 50 universities in the world, Moreover, our ultimate goal is to become one of the top institutions for academic research internationally, thus helping the economic growth of our nation.

Assessing the needs of the future developments of our country, while upholding the heavy responsibilities of a first class research type university for sustainable development of a modern country, we take into stock of our research energy and our research priorities, and decided that our research centers for the 2nd phase of “Aim for Top University Plan” are to be, respectively: the Institute for Advanced Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, the Center for Information and Electronics Technologies, the Center of Genomic Medicine, the Center for Systems Biology, the Center for Theoretical Sciences, the Center for Biomedical Molecular Imaging Research , and the Center for Advanced Nano- Materials.

Additionally, based on our original intent to care for the problems of our society, and to solve the issues that mankind faces, we feel sorry that three other research centers which we proposed did not meet the panel of judges’ approval. However, President Lee said that he would support these three research centers thorough the funding under the other expense items of the “Aim for top university plan” in the next five years.

12 universities acquired subsidy for a total of 10 billion. After careful evaluation of the quantification and qualification achievements of each school, and meticulous assessment of their world ranking status, their school scale and their research and teaching energy, plus the effectiveness of their carrying out the 1st phase of the “Aim for top university plan”, the winners of the 2nd phase plan are awarded subsidies through block funding. Their names and the amount which they will receive are as follows:
National Taiwan University: 3.1 billion
National Cheng-Kung University: 1.6 billion
National Tsing-Hua University: 1.2 billion
National Jiao-Tung University: 1.0 billion
National Central University: 0.7 billion
National Yang-Ming University: 0.5 billion
National Chung-Shan University: 0.4 billion
National Chung-Hsing University: 0.3 billion
National Chang-Gung University: 0.2 billion
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology: 0.2 billion
National Cheng-Chi University: 0.2 billion
National Taiwan Normal University: 0.2 billion

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