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The inauguration of National Center for Food Safety Education and Research, which was established by a collaboration between the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Taiwan and the College of Bioresources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University

The center was established at 4:00pm on August 31, 2012 in the College of Agriculture Building, National Taiwan University, by the President Si-Chen Lee and the Honorable Minister of Department of Health, Wen-Ta Chiu.

The Food and Drug Administration and the CBA have set up the “National Center for Food Safety Education and Research” in National Taiwan University in order to improve food safety all across the food industry. This Center will be comprehensive with regard to food products, ranging from research, manufacturing, sales, to the basic understanding of food safety by the general public. The center also envisions building a risk analysis model for food safety, enhancing food safety, and promoting food safety knowledge.

The center is a long-term collaborative platform in the cross fields between universities, industries and governments. The core missions of the center are as follows:

  1. Establish a mechanism of food safety and offer the government an emergency response consultation.
  2. Establish a risk analysis database and offer consultation to industry.
  3. Develop resource persons to impart food safety training and develop curriculum.
  4. Impart food safety education training courses to professional personnel.
  5. Conduct research on food safety risk analysis and testing technology.
  6. Administer inter-agency communication and collaboration on food safety.
  7. Other matters of mutual interest to Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) and College of Bioresources and Agriculture at National Taiwan University (NTU).

The position of the center Director will be taken by Professor Lee-Yan Sheen of the Center for Food and Biomolecules, who has actively promoted the establishment of the center. The Director will be assisted by the following teams for the effective functioning of the center:
Administrative Division - Associate Professor Chih-Hsien Chiu of the Department of Animal Science and Technology
Regulatory Affairs Division - Associate Professor Yi-Chen Chen of the Department of Animal Science and Technology
Education Division - Assistant Professor Yi-Jen Lo of the Institute of Food Science and Technology
Public Relation Division - Assistant Professor Shu-Chen Hsieh of the Institute of Food Science and Technology
Research Division - Assistant Professor Kuan-Chen Cheng of the Institute of Food Science and Technology
Risk Communication Division - Assistant Professor Yu-Chan Chiu of the Department of Biology and Communications

The positions of the leader of each division will be held by the members respectively from various departments at the College of Bioresources & Agriculture.

In the future, the center will combine resources in three areas: industries, universities and government. To build a long-term platform for collaborations across different fields; to integrate individual agendas; and to provide various kinds of training programs on food safety so that the issues of food safety in Taiwan can be monitored and improved.

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