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The 1st National Taiwan University – Kyoto University Symposium

The “National Taiwan University – Kyoto University Symposium 2013” will take place on 19-20 December at Song-Pei Lecture Hall, National Taiwan University, Taiwan. Keeping up with the rapidly advancing globalization, National Taiwan University and Kyoto University has decided to collaborate and host a joint international symposium emphasizing the importance of collaborations in the international arena to increase competiveness. Through a great variety of parallel sessions, speeches, and workshops, this symposium will bring together internationally respected researchers from both institution with aims to promote the advancement of scholarship in the natural and social sciences.

Through a number of informal collaborations, National Taiwan University and Kyoto University established formal partnership by signing an MOU and Student Exchange agreement in 2005. Since then, the number of exchange students, collaborative research, and delegations between both universities have been consecutive with growing prosperity.

With the strong foundation between NTU and KU, the two universities agreed to follow the precedence of the Bristol Kyoto Symposium earlier this year. The first NTU-KU Symposium will be focused on two objectives (1) creating and providing opportunities for faculty and staff from both sides to promote international research collaboration, and (2) disseminating our advanced and diversified research activities to raise the universities’ international profile.

National Taiwan University is delighted to welcome over 90 delegates from Kyoto and pleased that more than 80 will be participating from NTU including members of academic research and professional staff and even research students. The parallel sessions will cover 9 academic research fields including Agriculture, Biology, Medicine, Science & Technology, Chemistry and Material Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, University Museums, and Industrial Academic Cooperation.

For more details, please check out the official NTU-KU Symposium 2013 website: http://taiwan-kyoto2013.weebly.com/

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