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NTU Announces Coursera Courses for 2014 Fall

NTU introduces four new exciting courses for the 2014 Coursera Fall season. For more info, check out the NTU Coursera website HERE
NTU introduces four new exciting courses for the 2014 Coursera Fall season. For more info, check out the NTU Coursera website HERE

If you haven’t enrolled in National Taiwan University’s Coursera courses yet, now is the best time to do so as the 2014 fall courses are due to begin in September. This season, NTU continues to provide classic courses while adding four new exciting ones to the list! The new courses also feature engaging and interactive assignments in which you can participate!

Experimental Economics I: Behavioral Game Theory” - Tao-Yi Wang, Dept. of Economics
Who knew that economics could be exciting? We certainly didn’t, at least not until award winning Prof. Tao-Yi Wang (王道一) utilized economic experiments to observe human nature. In collaboration with Moblab, the online classroom game platform, students also get to learn complex economy theories through game and play.

Computer Programming” - Prof. Pang-Feng Liu, Dept. Computer Science and Information Engineering
Our much beloved Prof. P is finally on Coursera to help you become a human programming machine! In this course, Prof. P (Pang-Feng Liu, 劉邦鋒) takes you through the basics of C programming through a unique teaching approach invented by the P-man himself! You’ll also get to practice your programming skills through the online ideone.com programming platform.

Professionalism” - Prof. Chang-Fen Felice Chen, Dept. of Finance
Having ample experience in the private sector, Prof. Chang-Fen Felice Chen (陳嫦芬) incorporates her expertise in international corporations with her passion for education to equip you with the necessary skills to help you become competitive in the professional workplace. The course will help you enhance such practical skills as communication, management, and leadership, while also decoding for you the secrets behind business etiquette.

The Red Chamber Dream 2” - Prof. Li-Chuan Ou, Dept. Chinese Literature
Prof. Li-Chuan Ou’s (歐麗娟) “The Red Chamber Dream” was listed as one of the world’s top four most popular Chinese language courses on Coursera in 2013. In response to popular demand, Prof. Ou has added the sequel to the original course, this time focusing on maternal strength and the idea of the Goddess.

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