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Management College Receives 12 Paintings by late Chinese Modernist Painter

National Taiwan University has had the honor of receiving a generous donation of 12 paintings created by the late Chinese-French abstract painter Teh-Chun Chu (朱德群). The paintings were donated to the College of Management by Thin Chang Corporation CEO Chual-Hsin Teng (鄧傳馨), who is an alumnus of the NTU-Fudan Joint EMBA Program. Teng was accompanied by the painter’s wife Tung Ching-Cha (董景昭) and son Yvon Chu (朱以峰) at the donation ceremony on May 13, 2014, where they were received by College of Management Dean Andy Ruey-Shan Guo (郭瑞祥) and NTU Arts Center Chief Director Tung Shen (沈冬).

Born in China’s Jiangsu Province in 1920, Teh-Chun Chu was known for his pioneering style integrating traditional Chinese painting techniques with Western abstract art. Chu was the first Chinese artist to be inducted into the Académie des Beaux-Arts of France. He passed away in Paris at the age of 93 in 2014.

During the donation ceremony, Dean Guo pointed out that in their line of professional training, management institutes rarely have the opportunity to host such artistic events. Yet as aesthetics is an intrinsic part of education, the College of Management is extremely honored to have received such world-class masterpieces for our students to enjoy. As a result, he hopes that the pieces will inspire a sense of arts and humanities for everyone visiting the College of Management.

In response, Yvon Chu expressed his support of the donation in stating that he was both pleased and proud that his father’s work would help contribute to the cultivation of aesthetics and humanities for the students at NTU.

Meanwhile, Chual-Hsin Teng stated that the idea to donate artwork occurred to him while he was pursuing his EMBA two years ago. In awe of our campus’ various styles of architecture, Teng suggested that the painter’s son, who was trained in architecture, visit the NTU campus. The incident led Teng to contemplate how he could give back to the university. He believed that as a top-ranking university, NTU was deserving of world-class artwork. As all of Chu’s paintings are characterized by their innovation and originality, features that coincide with the College of Management’s ideals, it was his hope that his donation could instill the same spirit into his underclassmen at the EMBA program.

Director Shen of the NTU Center for the Arts pointed out that the College of Management has always played a pioneering role at NTU, inspiring the rest of the campus to follow in its footsteps towards advancement. In addition, she believes that the college’s new found focus on the arts and humanities will soon spread throughout the university. Shen further expressed her admiration towards Chu’s family for their generosity, which she believes to be a true act of a greater and selfless love.

The donation of Teh-Chun Chu’s most prominent twelve paintings was personally selected by Chui’s wife. The collection was displayed at the College of Management’s Conference Hall for a two-week exhibition, and later relocated to the B1 EMBA VIP Lounge for permanent display.

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