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The 9th APRU Multi-Hazards Research Symposium Ended Successfully

The APRU symposium series on multi-hazards around the Pacific Rim was held its ninth symposium from 28 to 29 October 2013 at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. APRU was established in 1997 by leading universities from 16 countries across the America, Asia and Australasia. National Taiwan University, one of the 45 premier research universities in APRU, is the only Taiwanese university admitted.

Exchange and share inter-disciplinary knowledge through APRU collaboration

The 9th APRU symposium was hosted by the Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research and the Research Center of Climate Change and Sustainable Development at National Taiwan University, which aimed to convene scholars and experts from countries around the Pacific Rim. Inter-disciplinary knowledge on multi-hazard researches could be exchanged and shared through APRU collaboration. The symposium focused on multi-hazards induced by extreme weather, earthquake, volcanic activity and haze pollution. Other issues were also included such as advanced monitoring and forecasting techniques, risk assessment, disaster health and emergency management, and education on disaster reduction.

Promote disaster prevention technology and collaboration with government

A total of 111 research papers and exhibitions of advanced monitoring equipments and information support platform from 12 countries were contributed in the symposium. All the participants presented their findings and joined discussion to exchange experiences. A one-day post-conference field trip was scheduled for participants to visit the Yuansantze Flood Diversion Works in northern Taiwan. The welcome speech in the opening ceremony was given by the vice president of NTU, Dr. Liang-Gee Chen. Hosted by the former vice president of NTU, Dr. Tai-Jen George Chen, it began with two keynote speeches presented by Dr. Hong-Yuan Lee, the Minster of Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan, (speech title: Global climate change–integration, coherence and governance from Taiwan experience)and Dr. Roger Wakimoto, Assistant Director of National Science Foundation, USA, (speech title: Climate change & extreme weather events) followed by lectures from 11 invited speakers. Overall, the symposium was a success and received much acclaim from its participants. http://www.apru2013.com

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