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NTU's EMBA Graduation Ceremony Sends Off Graduates and Inaugurates a New "Case Studies" Curriculum

    On July 22, NTU's EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) program held a grand graduation ceremony. 182 enthusiastic graduates gathered to seize this last chance to appreciate the sights of beautiful NTU campus by bicycle. In their jousts and cheers, they recaptured the spirit of the brave knights of medieval Europe!

    The EMBA graduates are special. They represent the elites of a wide variety of fields in Taiwan. Many are senior managers of commercial enterprises, government officials, current and retired military officers, and so on. A well-known pop-music composer, Huang Shu-Jun (Jerry Huang), is one of the graduates. This rich diversity among the EMBA graduates shows that the impact of this program reaches not only commercial enterprise and government, but also the military and commercial arts fields, as well!

    In striving to develop and enhance each professional leader's outlook, leadership skills and innovative thinking, the EMBA program concentrates on providing truly "Distinguished Teaching". In this spirit, NTU's EMBA program cooperated with the Harvard School of Management in designing a new program that keeps pace with the latest business administration trends in the world.

    The new program includes four new courses: "Business Decision Making," "Financial Markets and Investments," "Technology and Operations Management," and "Corporate Governance and Business Development." These new courses are intended to offer the EMBA students greater diversity of courses, so they have more flexibility in mapping their specific paths of study. Despite the greater diversity of courses, the courses are more interconnected and well integrated in the new program. Moreover, in order to improve the effectiveness of the program, teaching and learning are brought closer together in focusing on real cases.

    Innovative teaching is the key of the new program. After seven months of planning, the EMBA now emphasizes "Case Study Model" and "Group Discussion" to provide the students with chances to think together about real life problems and issues. At the same time, this new program radiates the spirit of authentic business administration education by stirring the students' bravery to seize the initiative, urging them to take responsibility, and helping them to make firm decisions in uncertain situations.

    In the past, instruction in the EMBA program consisted in lecturing and expecting standard answers to textbook problems. The new EMBA program at NTU turns away from this traditional style instruction and focuses on cultivating the students' practical abilities and talents. The new program encourages the students to sharpen their logic and thinking skills. Furthermore, the students are stirred to enrich their outlook and imagination through guided discussions and interactions.

    Into the future, the EMBA program at NTU will continue to emphasize the "Case Study Model" and "Group Discussion," and will go on to create excellent new case studies that are closely reflective of conditions in Taiwan with the expectation of establishing appropriate practical experience for excellent advanced management education in Taiwan.

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