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Peking University President Qifeng Zhou Visited NTU to Express His Desire in Setting up a Dual Degree Program with NTU

In his capacity as President of Peking University, Dr. Qifeng Zhou paid an official visit to NTU for the first time on July 14th. Dr. George Tai-Jen Chen, Vice President of NTU, welcomed President Zhou on behalf of NTU, and the two parties exchanged talks for two hours on the topic of "Globalization and the Future Direction of the Policy to Cultivate Talents of Higher Education on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait."

The NTU team to participate in the talks was led by Vice President Dr. George Tai-Jen Chen, and its members included: Secretary General Hsien-Hao Sebastian Liao, Dean Tung Shen of the Office of International Affairs, Dean Huan-Jang Keh of the College of Engineering, Dean Soo-Chang Pei of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Dean Yung-Mao Chao of the College of Social Sciences, Associate Dean Hui-Ling Lin of the College of Social Sciences, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Student Affairs Dr. Chung-Liang Chien of the College of Medicine, Director Shian-Chee Wu of the Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, and Professor Narn-Rueih Shieh of the Dep[artment of Mathematics. The NTU team had a fruitful discussion with representatives from the Peking University.

The Peking University delegation was led by President Qifeng Zhou, and the members included Special Assistant to the President, also director of the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Office Mr. Yen-Sung Li, Deputy Director of the School of Medicine Mr. Wei-Gang Fang, Dean of the College of Mathematical Science Dr. Chang-Ping Wang, Dean of the College of Information Science and Technology Dr. Hong Mei, Dean of the College of Environmental Science Dr. Yuan-Hang Zhang, Dean of the School of Economics Dr. Wei Liu, Dean of the College of Engineering Dr. Shi-yi Chen, and Director of the Office of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs Mr. Chung-Bao Chen.

This series of bilateral talks pooled together deans and senior faculty members of both universities in the areas of medicine, mathematics, electrical engineering and information science, economics, social sciences, environmental sciences and engineering for exchange of opinions, and both sides expressed genuine interest toward substantial future cooperation in these areas. In addition, on his own initiative President Qifeng Zhou expressed his desire to quickly set up dual degree programs and visiting professor exchange programs between Peking University and NTU. NTU's Vice President Dr. George Tai-Jen Chen said he remained optimistic about the prospects of such cooperation, but NTU needed to abide by the policies of the Ministry of Education.

NTU's academic exchange with Peking University started in 1999, in recent years the exchange programs signed between the two universities are as follows:

2006/4/17     The Department of History of NTU and Peking University signed agreement for academic exchange

2006/10/26     President of NTU Dr. si-Chen Lee signed Agreement for Academic Exchange with then President of Peking University Mr. Chih-Hung Hsu, and on July 24th of 2007,the agreement for student exchange was signed

2007/4/18     NTU's College of Management signed agreements for academic exchange and student exchange with the Guanghua School of Managmenet of Peking University

2007/4/20     NTU Hospital's Orthopedic Department signed agreement of academic exchange with the Institute of Sports Medicine of Peking University.

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