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Book Donation Drive Launched by NTU to Help Post Disaster Reconstruction

It has been over a month since the August 8th flood inundated most of Southern Taiwan. Although the water level has gradually receded and most of the sludge has been removed, the road to reconstruction is long and winding. Among the problems encountered by the reconstruction workers, the most difficult issue is the education of the children. As many schools' libraries have been damaged or destroyed, there are not enough books for elementary school and high school kids to read, so their education process has been slowed down. In order to remedy this situation, the NTU Student Government collaborated with the Office of Student Affairs to organize a book donation drive called "Post disaster reconstruction cannot wait—You and I donate books to build a reading paradise for children" with the aim of raising large amounts of books to be sent to the schools in the disaster stricken areas.

NTU President Dr. Si-Chen Lee himself donated books on September 1st to make his personal contribution to the campaign. He urged all NTU faculty and students to participate in this meaningful drive, and give away books that are no longer needed by the children in the family to the designated collection locations, so that children in the disaster stricken areas can have more reading fun while they embark on the long journey toward reconstruction.

Donation Methods:
Deliver the books to NTU in person:
Collection locations:
*The front gate of the 2nd Student Activity Center
(1st Floor, No. 85, Section IV., Roosevelt Road, Taipei)
*The front gate of the 1st Student Activity Center
(No.1, Section IV, Roosevelt Road)

Reception Hours:
Starting from August 31st, from 10:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m., daily
Mail the books to National Taiwan University

Recipient and Address:
Action Task Force for the Relief of August 8th Flood
3rd Floor, 2nd Student Activity Center
No. 85, Section IV, Roosevelt Road, Taipei

Inquiry hot line: 0986-063689, 0975-479046
General convener: Mr. Wei-shiang Chang 0963-363966, Sophomore, History Department
Deputy convener: Miss Jia-Yi Liu, 0953-361918, Junior, Department of Chinese
Action Task Force: http://ntusa88aid.pixnet.net/blog

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