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NTU Freshmen Orientation Camp Helps Incoming First Year Students Adapt to Collegiate Life and Establish a Steady Foothold on Palm Tree Boulevard

The matriculation ceremony for the incoming students of academic year 2009 was held on September 13th in the old sports stadium. A total number of 9,328 students (including undergraduates and graduates) attended the ceremony. In his opening speech President Si-Chen Lee urged the first year newcomers to grasp the prime of their lives to better themselves from the basics, explore NTU's proud tradition, and learn to become a true lifelong "NTU member". This year's freshmen orientation activities consist of two echelons of "orientation camps" which were held on campus from September 7th to September 12th. Adopting the concept of directional guidance, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of General Affairs teamed up to select upperclassmen with experiences in student association activities to serve as counselors for the new students. These selected upperclassmen led the first year new students to participate in all kinds of courses and discussions, answered their questions on the spot, and relieved their anxieties pertaining to university life. Moreover, they shared their own experiences in curriculum and career planning with the newcomers , helped them understand the core value of NTU and NTU's traditional spirit, thereby aiding the freshmen to adapt to NTU's environment and establish a steady foothold on the palm tree boulevard.

The activities and courses prepared for the freshmen comprised of curriculum planning and course selection methods, study strategy, intellectual property protection and gender equality. In addition, there were lively campus guided tours and activities on developing interpersonal relationships. In order to enhance the quality of learning for the freshmen, the University poured in all its resources. Most of the freshmen courses were small classes consisting of only 35 students. Altogether 4,300 first year students were divided into 120 teams irrespective of their departmental affiliation. As a result, diversified interpersonal relationships were developed through activity participation.

This year marks the second time that "Freshmen Orientation Camps" were organized and implemented. It is worth mentioning that, in order to put the University motto "Mold your character and sharpen your knowledge, love your country and your people" into practice, a series of "learning through serving" courses were incorporated into the curriculum, to which student associations with a shining record in serving the community were invited to share their past experiences with the freshmen students. These student associations include: the World Volunteer Society, the Fishing Village Service Club, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Collegiate Association, the Traditional Medicine Club, the Seed Education Club, the NTU New Heart Club, the Sunny Coconut Love Club, and the NTU Conserve Nature Club, etc. The community outreach programs implemented by these associations in the past serve as paragons for the new coming first years students to emulate.

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