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NTU Breaks into the Top 100—
The London Times' 2009 World University Rankings Put NTU at 95th Place

The London Times of UK released the results of its 2009 World University Rankings on August 8th. NTU was ranked the 95th place in the world. Compared with the 124th place of last year, NTU's ranking has moved up 29 spots.

Starting from 2004, the "Higher Education Supplements" of the London Times published the rankings of world universities every year. The weighting system includes: academic survey rank at 40%; employer survey rank at 10%, student faculty ratio at 20%, international faculty at 5%, international students at 5%, and citations at 20%. NTU's respective rankings in these categories are: academic survey rank at 45th place, employer survey rank at 100th place, faculty student ratio at 13.6:1, international faculty at 6.7%, international students at 4.7%, and citations at 3.2. In the past, when the London Times conducted the appraisal of world universities, the database was primarily based on English, but starting from this year the Asian languages documentation were included in its appraisal. NTU has made considerable progress in this year's rankings, to wit: NTU was ranked 60th place in art and humanities, the 47th place in IT, the 45th place in bio-medicine, the 58th place in social sciences, and the 51st place in natural sciences.

The top ten universities in the world are: (in the order of their rankings) Harvard University, Cambridge University, Yale University, University College London, Imperial College of London, the Oxford University, University of Chicago, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology. Asian Universities which made to the top 100 rose from 14 last year to 16 this year, and NTU was one of them. The other one was the Tohoku University of Japan, ranked the 97th place.

Representative Universities from the Asia-Pacific Region in London Times' World University Rankings
Name Country
22 19 17 19= University of Tokyo Japan
24 26 18 33= University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
25 25 25 29= Kyoto University Japan
30 30 33= 19= National University of Singapore Singapore
36 38 27 22 University of Melbourne Australia
46 42 38= 50= Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
47 50 51= 63 Seoul National University South Korea
49 56 40 28 Tsinghua University China
52 50 36 14 Peking University China
95 124 102= 108 National Taiwan University Taiwan
97 112 102= 168= Tohoku University Japan
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