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The Financial Times of UK released the results of Global EMBA Rankings
NTU's EMBA Program was ranked 40th in the World

The Financial Times of UK recently released the results of global EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) rankings, Taiwan has two schools that made to the rankings. The College of Management of NTU moved one spot ahead, and gloriously ranked the 40th place in the world, topping all Taiwan universities.

Ever since the Financial Times of UK started to do global EMBA rankings in 2007, the NTU EMBA Program has seen positive progress every year, showing that the College of Management has spared no effort in international management education. Progresses are made in globalization, academic research, and particularly in students' salary appraisal, so NTU ascended to the 40th spot.

In the area of globalization, starting from 2005, NTU sends specially appointed full time teachers to Harvard Business School to intern, and when these teachers came back, they introduced the individual case study model of internationally renowned business schools to NTU. In the meantime, the University invites professors from MIT and Darden Business School to come to teach on a regular basis, and hold joint classes with foreign partner schools. In the area of academic achievement, the Financial Times report shows that NTU faculty has published well in the 40 top notch business journals, a result similar to the fact that London Times of UK recently announced that NTU was ranked the 95th in the world and having made to one of the top 100 universities. In the area of salary appraisal, three years after students graduate, their income showed tremendous improvement, and was ranked 15th in 100 universities. Additionally, NTU EMBA students have a salary increase of 58% after they finish their courses and graduate. Over the last 13 years the NTU EMBA has fostered nearly 1800 social elites, who constituted a valuable resource network for our university. For two consecutive years, the NTU EMBA program was the No.1 choice in terms of reputation and satisfaction in Cheers Magazine's (a member of the Commonwealth Publishing Group) survey of domestic EMBA programs. Now that we received confirmation from Financial Times of UK, the College of Management naturally becomes more confident about deep plowing the high echelon lifelong management education. At a time when NTU becomes one of the top 100 universities in the world, the NTU EMBA program will most assuredly become the first choice for high echelon managers for their lifelong education.

NTU's important indicators in Financial Times Global EMBA Rankings
Index 2009 2008
Salary today (US$) $202,504 $193,732
Salary increase (%) 58% 65%
Work experience rank 21 11
International board (%) 33% 33%
FT doctoral rank 5 20
FT research rank 66 69
Rank 40 43
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