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In Celebration of the School's 81st Anniversary
University Held Ceremony and Tea Party

National Taiwan University held its anniversary celebration at the comprehensive gym on November 15th, in which two persons received honorary doctorate degrees, and six outstanding alumni were commended. The ceremony was officiated by President Si-Chen Lee, with former presidents, alumni and dignitaries from society attending. After the ceremony, a tea party was also held, and a flag award ceremony was chaired by the President, who gave the University flags to the student associations which were involved with the "Joint Social Service with Alumni" activities, a program that was initiated this year.

This year the honorary doctoral degrees were conferred upon Mr. Yung-Ho Tsao and Mrs. Jacqueline Whang Peng. Mr. Tsao made great contributions to the study of Taiwanese history and devoted himself to the internationalization of Taiwanese studies. As a self-developed scholar, he spared no efforts in inculcating his students and promoting the young apprentices. He is a paragon of virtue and an example for others to follow.

Mrs. Jacqueline Whang Peng is known for her long commitment to cancer genetics and to medical oncology. As a pioneer in cancer cell mutations research, she has published more than three hundred papers and received many domestic and foreign awards, and her scholastic attainments are well recognized by the academic society. Mr. Tsao and Mrs. Jacqueline Whang Peng's knowledge and achievements set a shining example for their peers, and are a paradigm of NTU's motto "Sharpen your knowledge and mold your character, love your country and your people". NTU conferred honorary doctoral degrees upon them to recognize their outstanding achievements and contributions.

The winners of this year's outstanding alumni are: Art and umanities—Daniel S. P. Yang (Department of Foreign Languages and Literature), acaemics—Chao-Han Liu (Department of Electrical Engineering), Chih-Ming Ho (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Business and Commerce—Min-Huan Kao, and Social Service—Mrs. Jenny Chang(Department of Chinese Literature) and Mr.Chin-Kun Wang (Institute of Food Science). These winners received public commendation at the school anniversary celebration ceremony, and will speak on the general education forum on "My learning and thinking process", sharing their area of specialization and their struggle process with the in-school students.

This year's celebration is different from the preceding years in that the "joint social service with alumni" program was first initiated for the student associations. Depending on each student association's characteristics, student associations link up with alumni to render social service during the anniversary season to share their joy with society and to highlight the school motto of "love your country and your people".

In addition, Mr. Han-Bao Ma, Professor Emeritus of the College of Law, in order to commemorate the inauguration of two new buildings in the College of Law, specifically donated the landscape paintings and calligraphy of his late father (by the name of Shou-Hua Ma) which will be put on open display in the new buildings. The donation ceremony was also held at the tea party. On top of all these, various departments, institutes, student associations, faculty and staff launched multifarious celebration activities, whose contents include academic forums of all kinds, joint exhibition of student associations, and campus carnivals, etc. All sectors of society are welcome to attend. For details, please refer to the front page of National Taiwan University at: http://www.ntu.edu.tw/activities/festival2009/festival.htm

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