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Low Cost Fully Automatic System Saves Energy by 20%
NTU's New Invention Won the Top Prize in the Excellence Award
of Cross Strait Entrepreneurship Competition

The 2009 Cross Strait Student Entrepreneurship Invitation Competition was held in the Shaw Hall of the Min-Xin campus of Shanghai Jiao-Tong University on December 9th. The NTU team won the top prize in the Excellence Award. The NTU team, led by Dr. Ren-Chyuan Luo of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Dr. Ming-Huarng Chiang of the Department of Business Administration, and comprised of eight student members, emerged triumphant with this glorious honor, fully exhibiting the creative power and the team working capability of the Taiwanese students.

In keeping with the booming green energy sectors, the robotics research lab hosted by Professor Ren-Chyuan Luo of the Institute of Electrical Engineering developed the prize-winning product called the "I-Sensor Intelligent Power Saving System," which used the concept of "sensor fusion" and could detect the amount of human presence in a room.

When applied to power conservation, this saving system could reduce the electrical output of air-conditioning and lighting in commercial buildings Compared with the existing expensive internet remote control systems on the market today, this saving system is fully automatic and low cost, and could save the air-conditioning and lighting costs for enterprises by about 20%. The purchaser of this system can expect to redeem its cost in about a year. And this technology has applied for many patents in the U.S, Taiwan and China.

In addition to saving power, the scope of applications for this new technology is quite broad. It can be coupled with service-typed robots to build the "intelligent family" as the type of livelihood for mankind in the future. For this year's invitation competition, China had six teams from Jiao-Tong University which made to the finals of the Student Entrepreneurship Competition, and Taiwan sent six teams which were winners in the large scaled entrepreneurship competitions hosted by Tic 100 and Global Tic. The National Taiwan University Team "ISensor" won the "Excellence in Innovation" award in the 2009 Tic 100 Innovation competition which was organized by Advantech, so it got invited to join the cross-strait competition held in Shanghai.

The stellar performance of ISensor in this year's cross strait entrepreneurship competition shows that NTU's R&D strength, interdisciplinary cooperation capability and its ability to turn technology into products are sufficient to gain a strong foothold in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong and will make more contributions to Greater China in the future. And NTU spares no efforts in cultivating innovative entrepreneurs for Taiwan, hoping that in the future we could foster international enterprises like Google and Yahoo much in the same way as Stanford University.

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