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NTU Celebrates School Anniversary on November 15th, Confers Honorary Doctoral Degrees on Lin Hwai Min and Chien Shu and Gives Meritorious Citations to Outstanding Alumni

    To celebrate its 78th anniversary and the 61st year of administrative status change, NTU held a grand celebration ceremony at 9 a.m., November 15th, in the comprehensive gymnasium on the main campus. The crowning event of the occasion was the awarding of honorary doctoral degrees to Mr.Lin Hwai-min and Professor Shu Chien. These two honorees are both unrivalled in their scholarly attainments and career achievements. They are paragons of the NTU motto: "Mold Thy Character and Sharpen Thy Knowledge, Love Thy Country and Thy People." In recognition of their extraordinary achievements and contributions, NTU conferred upon them honorary doctoral degrees.

    Founder of the "Cloud Gate Dance Theatre," Mr. Lin Hwai-min has produced over 70 dance creations which include"The White Snake Variations"and "Songs of Wanderers." In addition to his creative endeavors, Mr. Lin is also actively involved in the teaching and promotion of modern dance. His artistic achievements in the art of dance receive not only positive feedback from viewers in Taiwan, but also critical acclaim from abroad.

Professor Su-Chien
Professor Su-Chien delivers acceptance speech.

    After receiving his honorary doctorate, Mr. Lin Hwai-Min said that ever since he was three years old, his father wanted him to enter NTU when he grew up . "Because NTU is the pearl and conscience of our society, faculty and students should be concerned with the welfare of the less fortunate, rather than thinking about themselves. Helping the needy and the underprivileged is a sacred duty incumbent upon all NTU alumni."says Lin. He believes that his father's soul in Heaven would be pleased upon knowing that he Lin was eventually awarded an honorary doctoral degree from NTU.   

    Specializing in the influence of cardiovascular dynamics on blood vessels, Professor Shu Chien's research crosses the boundaries of biomedicine and engineering. He has published over 500 treatises and received numerous honors to date. As current Director of Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Dean of the College of Bioengineering of UCSD, Professor Shu Chien was awarded academician status by the Academia Sinica in 1976. Subsequent honors comprise a long list, as he was elected successively as academician to the Biomedical Engineering Society, the National Academy of Science, and the Academy of Arts and Natural Sciences of theUSA, and as a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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