NTU Celebrated Its 92nd Anniversary-封面圖

At its 92nd anniversary celebration ceremony, NTU granted honorary doctorates to Bruce C.H. Cheng (鄭崇華) and Jensen Huang (黃仁勳), as well as presented awards to eight distinguished alumni and outstanding students. ... more



When Hepatitis E meets Hepatitis B-封面圖

The research team at NTU, led by Prof. Jia-Horng Kao and late Professor Ding-Shinn Chen, established a database of 2,666 chronic hepatitis B patients in a continuing cohort tracking study at NTU Hospital that has spanned over 15 years. In this study antibody and antigen tests for hepatitis E virus are conducted. It is found that hepatitis E virus infection ... more



NTU Holds Appreciation Tea Party to Honor Donors-封面圖

NTU hosted an appreciation tea party to celebrate the substantial support of its donors. The generosity of the donors has made it possible for the university to maintain its outstanding performance in all fields. ... more






NTU System Members to Delay 2020 Spring Semester by 2 Weeks-封面圖

To prevent the spread of the epidemic caused by 2019-nCoV and in line with national policy for epidemic prevention, the three member universities of NTU System have deliberated and agreed unanimously to postpone the opening of the 2020 Spring Semester by two weeks to March 2, 2020. ... more


Facing the Wuhan Coronavirus-封面圖

To all the NTU colleagues and students:While facing the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, the University administrator would make the following announcement and require all the faculty, staff, and students follow the required procedures. ... more

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