NTU Professors Claim 11 Ta-You Wu Memorial Awards in 2017-封面圖

In 2017, NTU professors claimed 11 Ta-You Wu Memorial Awards, an honor established by the Ministry of Science and Technology in memory of Dr. Ta-You Wu’s contribution to scientific and technical research and development. ... more

Three NTU Professors Win the 24th TECO Award 2017-封面圖

Three NTU professors won the 24th TECO Award 2017, claiming more than half of the five awards given this year. The prize and trophy were awarded to each winner at a grand ceremony held on Nov 4, 2017. ... more


College of EECS Celebrates 20th Anniversary-封面圖

The NTU College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Conference Room (R101), Barry Lam Hall on Saturday morning, November 25, 2017. ... more


NTU Opens the Taiwan Education Center in Malaysia-封面圖

NTU opens the Taiwan Education Center, Malaysia on October 7 to promote the study of Chinese language and culture, Taiwan's higher education system, and exchanges and cooperation between universities in Taiwan and Malaysia. ... more

2nd NTU Calligraphy Award Open for Submissions-封面圖

The 2nd NTU Calligraphy Award is open to all NTU students from now on to Oct 31. The top three winners of the two categories will receive a prize and a certificate, and their works will be exhibited by the organizer. ... more

IC Summer Camp: A Gate to IC World-封面圖

NTU Graduate Institute of Electronic Engineering held an IC Summer Camp on August 17-18, 2017 at Barry Lam Hall to introduce students to both the research and industry of integrated circuits. ... more



Interim President Chang Elected IAE Member-封面圖

Scholars from Russia and Taiwan discussed further collaboration at a six-day forum organized by IAE, during which NTU Interim President Chang was elected one of the academy’s members. ... more

Hack Together at 2017 HackNTU-封面圖

A total of 451 contestants from Taiwan and abroad gathered at the EXPO Dome of Taipei Expo Park for 43 hours of continuous hacking, brainstorming, and problem solving. ... more


Facebook AI Research Director Gives Speech at NTU-封面圖

Yann LeCun, the father of convolutional neural networks and Facebook AI Research Director, gave a speech titled “Deep Learning and the Path to AI” at GIS NTU Convention Center, drawing more than 400 attendees and over one thousand online viewers. ... more

NTU Prof. Li-Chen Fu Awarded IFAC Fellow-封面圖

As the first and the only scholar in Taiwan to have been elected an IFAC Fellow, Prof. Li-Chen Fu (傅立成) headed for France to receive the award on July 8, 2017. ... more


Duo Recital Delivers Echoes of Traditional Tea Harvest Chants-封面圖

The organizers of the course "Music Design and Innovative Application" offered at the Stanley Wang D-School@NTU teamed up with the Dixon Foundation for Arts and Culture to put on the concert, "Sio-Po-Kua: Music from Taiwan's Lush Tea Gardens," on May 28. ... more


All-English BACT Summer Program to Begin in July-封面圖

The Biodiversity, Agriculture, and Culture of Taiwan (BACT) Summer Program is the most international program organized by the College of Bioresources and Agriculture (BIOAGRI), National Taiwan University (NTU). ... more




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