Celebrating a Century of Perseverance: NTU Centennial Series Events Unveiled-封面圖

National Taiwan University (NTU) is not only the leading higher education institute in Taiwan but also has played a critical role in shaping Taiwanese history. Established as Taihoku Imperial University in 1928, NTU will soon embrace its monumental 100th anniversary in 2028. To set the stage, NTU President Wen-Chang Chen held a press conference on November 13 to announce his plan for the grand centennial celebration. The centennial slogan “A Centenary of Perseverance Preluding a Century of Prominence” was also unveiled to show the public that the preparation for the NTU centennial is now in full force..... more

Dr. Chih-Yuan Lu receives 2024 George E. Pake Prize-封面圖

NTU Alumni and Distinguished Chair Professor for Research Dr. Chih-Yuan Lu has been awarded the 2024 George E. Pake Award, in recognition of his work as a physicist combining original research accomplishments with leadership in the management of research and development in industry. NTU and its faculty and students congratulate Dr. Lu for his remarkable achievement.... more

Royal Palm Lecture Series proudly features Dr. Philip L-F Liu-封面圖

Royal Palm Lecture Series was established this year (2023), aiming to invite highly-accomplished individuals from academia and business circles, domestic and abroad, to present lectures on the NTU campus. To follow up on the successful commencement by Nobel Laureate Prof. Hiroshi Amano, the second lecture in this series featured Dr. Philip Li-Fan Liu, who delivered a speech titled “An NTU Alumni’s Academic Journey. In his talk, Dr. Liu encouraged NTU students not to fear failure and boldly step out of their comfort zone to pursue their dreams.... more


UiO President Svein Stølen visited NTU to strengthen bilateral partnership-封面圖

On October 5, 2023, NTU President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章), Vice President Hsiao-Wei Yuan (袁孝維), Associate Deans of the College of Liberal Arts May-Shine Lin (林美香) and Ya-Feng Wu (吳雅鳳), and the Executive Director for International Affairs, the College of Engineering Hung-Wei Yen (顏鴻威) received University of Oslo (UiO) President Dr. Svein Stølen and Political Advisor Ms. Marianne Knarud.... more

UHH President Hauke Heekeren visited NTU to strengthen the strategic partnership-封面圖

On October 4th, NTU President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章), Vice President for International Affairs Hsiao-Wei Yuan (袁孝維), Associate Dean of the College of Medicine Nei-Li Chan (詹迺立), Assistant CEO of the Sustainability Office Yi-Huan Hsieh (謝宜桓) welcomed a delegation of three from Universität Hamburg (UHH), comprising President Dr. Hauke Heekeren, Chief of Staff to the President Dr. Pellegrino Favuzzi, and Mr. Gero Hemker, the Head for Strategy and Partnerships in Asia, Oceania, South, America, and Africa.... more

Polish delegation visited NTU to observe advanced technology and bilingual education-封面圖

On August 16, 2023, NTU President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章), Vice President for International Affairs Hsiao-Wei Yuan (袁孝維), and Dean of Graduate School of Advanced Technology Tzi-Dar Chiueh (闕志達) welcomed two honorable guests from Poland: Dr. Krzysztof Marian Górski, Secretary General, Nicolaus Copernicus Academy (NCA) and Dr. Piotr Semeniuk, Director General of International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Science and Higher Education..... more

President Wen-Chang Chen gave a commencement speech at Kyushu University-封面圖

On September 25, at the invitation of Kyushu University—a close partner of NTU—President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) attended its first-semester graduation ceremony to deliver a commencement speech. President Chen also took this visit to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kyushu University, which will enable cooperation between both institutions in areas including semiconductors, dual degree programs in science and engineering, sustainability, and agriculture.... more

Paying tribute to teachers: 2023 Teachers’ Day Tea Party-封面圖

NTU held the 2023 Teachers’ Day Tea Party on September 28. The event sought to honor and crown the winners of numerous on/off-campus awards, such as Outstanding Senior Teacher Award, for those who had reached 30 or 40 years in their service, as well as National Excellent Teacher Award, Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award, Outstanding Teacher Service Award, and Outstanding Advisor Award. NTU acknowledges their efforts and dedication and will continue to honor and support their endeavor. Awardees took this special gathering to converse with each other and the rest of NTU members.... more


Inauguration of the Office of Future NTU Initiatives at National Taiwan University-封面圖

To execute the Ministry of Education’s "National Taiwan University Future NTU Project (Pioneering the Future)," National Taiwan University (NTU) held the inauguration ceremony for the "Office of Future NTU Initiatives" on September 15th. Minister of Education Wen-Chung Pan attended the ceremony, along with Meihui LIU, Vice President for Academic Affairs at National Taiwan Normal University, and J.C. Liu, Vice-President of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology... more

Nobel Laureate Hiroshi Amano's Lecture Marks the Beginning of NTU Royal Palm Lecture Series-封面圖

National Taiwan University (NTU) has established the NTU Royal Palm Lecture Series this year, inviting distinguished figures who have outstanding achievements or international influence, to give lectures on campus. For the inaugural lecture of the NTU Royal Palm Lecture Series, NTU invited Professor Amano Hiroshi, the 2014 Nobel Laureate in Physics, to deliver a lecture... more

Opening Ceremony for the 112th Academic Year - Welcoming New Students to Become Part of the NTU Family-封面圖

The opening ceremony for the 112th academic year at National Taiwan University (NTU) took place on August 27th, 2023. A total of 4,490 undergraduate students and 5,724 graduate and doctoral students make up the incoming Class of 112. The theme of the ceremony was "The First Day at NTU," featuring a vibrant program that included activities such as teaching the NTU school anthem by the NTU FlyingNotes Acappella Club, a lively Q&A session between faculty and students, performances by the NTU Magic Club and the NTU Wind Band... more


Congratulations! Prof. Lou Pei-Jen receives 2023 National Excellent Teacher Award-封面圖

Dr. Lou's clinical proficiency and academic research capabilities have been consistently outstanding. He has pioneered innovative surgical techniques on multiple occasions and has received numerous awards for teaching excellence, including Distinguished Teaching Award three times and Outstanding Teaching Award four times.... more


NTU Racing Unveils the Next-Generation Race Car -封面圖

NTU Racing, a car racing team composed of students from various departments at NTU, held a new car unveiling event on July 8. The team unveiled their latest creation, the all-new fourth-generation race car called “Epsilon 4,” which was designed and built by the students themselves over the course of a year. Compared to its predecessor, the Epsilon 4 features a battery module designed by the students, lighter vehicle weight, stronger structural integrity, and enhanced stability with added bottom plate and anti-roll bars. It can reach a top speed of 96 kilometers per hour... more

Prof. Pisin Chen Awarded 2023 European Physical Society Hannes Alfvén Prize-封面圖

The 2023 Hannes Alfvén Prize, awarded by the European Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics (EPS-DPP), has been jointly presented to Professors Pisin Chen (陳丕燊) from National Taiwan University, Jamie Rosenzweig, and Chandrashekhar Joshi from UCLA in Bordeaux, France. This prestigious prize recognizes their exceptional contributions in proposing, demonstrating, and conducting groundbreaking experiments on plasma wakefield accelerators (PWFA) driven by particle beams... more

NTU, Stanford University, University of California Collaborated on Advanced Semiconductor Chip Design and Fabrication-封面圖

In September 2022, Taiwan and the United States launched a collaborative effort in Advanced Semiconductor Chip Design and Fabrication. The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) of Taiwan and the National Science Foundation (NSF) of the United States jointly called for proposals for the “2023-2026 Taiwan-US International Cooperative Research Program on Advanced Semiconductor Chip Design and Fabrication” (ACED Fab Program).... more

Exciting Discovery Reveals Link Between Deep-Sea Fish and Changing Seawater Temperatures-封面圖

In a groundbreaking interdisciplinary research effort spanning over three years, a team of talented scientists has unveiled a significant breakthrough. Assistant Research Fellow Dr. Chien-Hsiang Lin (林千翔) from the Biodiversity Research Center at Academia Sinica, along with Assistant Professor Dr. Li Lo (羅立) from the Department of Geological Sciences at National Taiwan University, and Associate Professor Dr. Chih-Lin Wei (魏志潾) and Assistant Professor Dr. Sze Ling Ho(賀詩琳) from the Institute of Oceanography at National Taiwan University, have made a remarkable discovery.... more

Prof. Su-Yi Tsai and Team Achieved Recognition in Stem Cell Reports-封面圖

Associate Professor Su-Yi Tsai’s (蔡素宜) research team from the Department of Life Sciences has established a novel system to reveal the temporal and spatial expression of core sarcomere-related proteins during the differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into cardiac muscle cells. This has led to the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms underlying sarcomere assembly.... more

NTU Faculty and Students Discovered Largest Reptile in Taiwan's Natural History-封面圖

Associate Professor Cheng-Hsiu Tsai, Associate Professor in the Department of Life, along with his master’s degree graduate, Yi-Yang Cho from the Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, conducted a research project spanning over four years. Their study unveiled the discovery of the largest known reptile in Taiwan’s natural history and a unique Taiwanese species of crocodile fossil: Toyotamaphimeia taiwanicus. The research findings have been published in Journal of Paleontology, issued by the Paleontological Society in the United States.... more

NTU Solved Century-Old Challenge of Wood Cellulose, Results Published in Nature Plants-封面圖

Wood is an essential material and energy source in human development history. It is also a renewable resource that can be sustainably utilized in the future. Cellulose, which makes up about half of the weight of wood cell walls, is the most abundant organic substance on Earth, accounting for one-fourth of the global biomass. Despite a century of research on the structure of wood cellulose, the nanoscale structure remains unclear, particularly the number of glucan chains present in each cellulose microfibril, which is a contentious issue... more


Prof. Suh-Fang Jeng Elected as First Asia Vice President of World Physiotherapy-封面圖

Prof. Suh-Fang Jeng (鄭素芳), from the NTU School and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy, was elected as the Vice President of World Physiotherapy with an overwhelming 99% of the votes at the 20th General Meeting of Member Countries held on May 31, 2023. This makes her the first Asian physical therapist to hold such a high-level leadership position in a global professional organization... more

NTU and NTHU Participate in the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Project-封面圖

Scientists from NTU and National Tsing Hua University are actively involved in the global Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) project, which has recently released nearly 2 million astronomical spectra for worldwide astronomers to explore freely. DESI is a state-of-the-art instrument installed on the Mayall Telescope in Arizona, USA. It is a collaborative effort of hundreds of scientists and engineers from over 70 research institutions worldwide. By the year 2025, the DESI project aims to observe more than 40 million celestial objects... more

National Taiwan University Statement—Clarification of Regulations for the Guaranteed Admissions and Government-funded Overseas Study Programs of Indigenous Students -封面圖

In accordance with the resolution of the ad hoc motion in the 2nd University Council of the 2nd semester, Academic Year 2022-23, due to a lack of understanding among some students regarding the system for ensuring the guaranteed admissions of indigenous students, certain remarks and actions have caused harm to indigenous students. In response, our University aims to clarify the misunderstandings in this controversy and hereby explains the historical context of the current Regulations for the Guaranteed Admissions and Government-funded Overseas Study Programs of Indigenous Students (原住民學生升學保障及原住民公費留學辦法)” (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations)... more

Inauguration of Graduate Institute of Art History Museum and “Endless Joy—Donated Han Dynasty Pottery Collection” Exhibition-封面圖

After three years of preparation, the Art Museum of the Graduate Institute of Art History was officially inaugurated on May 31. Following the joint effort of NTU President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章), National Palace Museum Director Tsung-Huang Hsiao (蕭宗煌), Dean of the NTU College of Liberal Arts Mu-Hsuan Huang (黃慕萱), Deputy General Director of the NTU Museums Jer-Ming Hu (胡哲明), CEO of the Chien Kuo Foundation For Arts And Culture Huang -Wei Hsiao (黃曉薇), and Director of the Graduate Institute of Art History at NTU Hui-Wen Lu (盧慧紋), the red curtain was pulled down to unveil the establishment of the Art History Museum... more

Exploratory Learning Program: Empowerment through Exploration-封面圖

In recent years, NTU has been actively promoting the project of “Future NTU 2.0” to establish a diverse interdisciplinary learning environment. In order to encourage students to venture into cross-disciplinary learning, set aside concerns about grades, and explore their own potential, NTU has launched a new initiative called the “Exploratory Credits Program.” The implementation guidelines for this program were approved during the academic affairs meeting on June 2... more

NTU CPH & NTUH Collaborative Research Published on Environmental Research-封面圖

Due to the slow progression of dementia, long-term observation is necessary to clarify the relationship between air pollution and cognitive function. With funding support from Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology, this research is led by Professor Yen-Ching Chen (程藴菁) from the Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at the National Taiwan University College of Public Health and Dr. Jen-Hau Chen (陳人豪) from the Division of Geriatrics at National Taiwan University Hospital... more


NTU Commencement 2023-封面圖

NTU Commencement 2023

Date: 2023/5/29

On May 27, NTU held its Commencement Ceremony at the NTU Sports Center. This year, there are a total of 9,512 students graduating from NTU, including 5,166 undergraduates, 3,923 master students, and 423 PhD students. The venue was filled with proud and excited graduates, as well as their families and friends. Throughout the campus, one could see crowds of people taking photos to capture this memorable moment... more

Launching Ceremony for JTCA Taiwanese Students Study Tour in Israel & NTU Overseas Internship Program-封面圖

On May 17, NTU organized the launching ceremony for the Jewish Taiwan Cultural Association (JTCA) Taiwanese Students Study Tour in Israel & NTU Overseas Internship Program. The ceremony was jointly hosted by NTU President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) and JTCA Founders Jeffrey D. Schwartz & Na Tang (坣娜) and joined by our partner organizations and sponsors, witnessing the significant milestone in the lives of over 60 students who will be embarking on internships in Israel and other countries this summer... more

Statement from National Taiwan University-封面圖

National Taiwan University adheres to the spirit and requirements of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights conventions, especially the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). We support the principles that every individual should be treated with respect and equality and strongly oppose all forms of discrimination. We are committed to creating a diverse, equal, and harmonious campus environment. In light of recent incidents involving discrimination on campus, we issue the following statement more

Advances in Rescue Therapies for Difficult-to-Treat H. Pylori Infections-封面圖

Helicobacter pylori is the main cause of stomach cancer. National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) has been providing H. pylori screening and eradication treatment to individuals at high risk of stomach cancer. With the support of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, under the leadership of President Ming-Shiang Wu (吳明賢), multiple medical centers in Taiwan have come together to establish the “Taiwan Clinical Trial Consortium for Gastrointestinal Disease and Helicobacter.” more

World-leading AI-powered Optical Measurement System for Advanced Package Critical Dimensions-封面圖

The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) has founded a cross-disciplinary research team, led by Professor Liang-Chia Chen (陳亮嘉) of NTU' s Department of Mechanical Engineering, to integrate cutting-edge technologies such as automated optical inspection (AOI), high-precision measurement, novel optical instrumentation, and AI algorithms. The result is the development of next-gen AOI systems that meet advanced manufacturing and semiconductor needs more

Prof. Chee Wee Liu’s Team Won 2022 VLSI-TSA Best Student Paper Award-封面圖

The research team led by Prof. Chee Wee Liu (劉致為) from the Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering won the Best Student Paper Award at the 2023 International VLSI Symposium on Technology, Systems and Applications (VLSI TSA). The first author of the paper was NTU doctoral student Chun-Yi Cheng (鄭群議) from the nanoelectronics group of the Institute, who became the first NTU student to receive this award more


NTU and NSTC Break the Limits of Semiconductor Device Analysis-封面圖

The continuous evolution of next-generation semiconductor devices requires the miniaturization of dimensions, heterogenization of materials, and three-dimensional structuring to enhance the device integration density. However, these advances also pose new challenges for material analysis techniques ... more

Department of Drama and Theatre Represents Taiwan at International Exhibition-封面圖

Affect, a play produced by NTU Department of Drama and Theatre, has been selected as the sole representative from Taiwan for the [UN]Common Design Project at the 2023 International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture Prague Quadrennial (PQ). The exhibition will be held at the first-floor lobby of the College of Liberal Arts from April 19 to May 10, with a one-day pause on April 28th due to a music concert being held at the venue ... more

Kyushu University and NTU Reunite for Future Collaboration-封面圖

On March 30, NTU welcomed the delegation from Kyushu University, including Prof. Tatsuro Ishibashi, President, Prof. Kenji Iwata, Executive Vice President for International Affairs, Prof. Shuji Shimizu, and other delegates. After the COVID challenge, it was very meaningful to host this delegation in person at NTU. NTU President Wen-Chang Chen and Vice President for International Affairs Hsiao-Wei Yuan received the delegation on behalf of NTU ... more

NTU and ITRI Collaborate in R&D, Patents, & Talent Development-封面圖

NTU and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) held a cooperation exchange meeting on April 6, announcing their expanded collaboration in cross-disciplinary R&D, intellectual property, talent recruitment, and focusing on the research of successful aging, circular economy and net-zero emissions, and electronic and communication-related applications ... more

Partner School University of Texas at Austin Visits to Deepen Academic Cooperation-封面圖

A delegation from NTU’s partner school—University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin)—led by Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement and Chief International Officer Sonia Feigenbaum, Vice President for Research Daniel T. Jaffem, and Director of Global Alumni Relations Fiona Mazurenko, visited NTU to discuss possibilities of deepening research collaboration and faculty and student exchange programs ... more

University of Grenoble Alpes Visits to Deepen faculty and Students Exchange-封面圖

On March 25, Karine Samuel, Vice President for International Affairs at University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA), along with Profess & Director of the CNRS Institute for Information Sciences Rédouane Borsali, Senior Consultant of SIRIS Academic Center Solange Chavel, and UGA President’s Advisor Martin Oudart visited NTU. The delegation was received by President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) and Associate Vice President for International Affairs Jiun-Haw Lee (李君浩) ... more

Using Foraminifera to Reconstruct Past Bathymetry and Geohazard Events Offshore Taiwan-封面圖

The past is the key to the future. A catalog of past occurrences of extreme geohazard events triggered by typhoons and earthquakes may shed light on their frequencies, which will in turn improve the future prediction of these events. Due to its unique location, Taiwan is prone to extreme events linked to climate (e.g., typhoons) and tectonics (e.g., earthquakes). These extreme events can trigger submarine landslides in the form of turbidity currents. In the sedimentary records offshore Taiwan, many turbidite layers can be identified, but little is known about the provenance of sediments (original water depth) or the triggers ... more

Innovative High Signal-to-Noise Optical Critical Dimension Measurement Technique for High Aspect Ratio Microstructures-封面圖

The NTU search group led by Professor Liang-Chia Chen from Precision Metrology Laboratory (PML) & Department of Mechanical Engineering has successfully established an optical critical dimension (CD) measurement technique using effective direct and inverse modeling methods for precise CD measurement. The direct measurement method involves analyzing the measurement signal directly ... more

Congratulations! Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan Wins the 2023 PSG Special Achievement Award-封面圖

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) is an independent agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to accredit programs and schools of public health. The public health schools of prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins have all received accreditation from this organization. NTU’s College of Public Health is the first and only accredited public health institute in Asia, surpassing other countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. ... more

Congratulations! The College of Public Health Receives Seven-Year CEPH Accreditation-封面圖

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) is an independent agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to accredit programs and schools of public health. The public health schools of prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins have all received accreditation from this organization. NTU’s College of Public Health is the first and only accredited public health institute in Asia, surpassing other countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. ... more


Queenless Beehive Completes Pollination in Greenhouse-封面圖

Queenless bee hives can also carry out the task of pollination in a greenhouse. The research team led by Professor En-Cheng Yang (楊恩誠) of NTU’s Department of Entomology has made an innovative breakthrough in smart agriculture, replacing the queen bee in the hive with queen bee pheromones. With this technology being industrialized in the future, it can solve the long-term dilemma of melon and fruit farmers who cannot find bees for pollination... more

Fulbright Taiwan Brings Delegation to Exchanges Insights with NTU-封面圖

Randall Nadeau, CEO of Fulbright Taiwan, Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, led a delegation of 31 Fulbright U.S. Student Program grantees to visit NTU. The delegation received a warm welcome from the Office of International Affairs at an international affairs workshop to exchange experiences and insights on promoting internationalization... more

German Minister of Education and Research Visits NTU for Bilateral Communication-封面圖

Bettina Stark-Watzinger, Federal Minister of Education and Research of German, led a delegation to visit NTU on March 21. The delegation included multiple German congressmen, Kai Gehring, Chairman of the Committee on Education and Research, joined by Jörg Polster, Director General of the German Institute Taipei and Minn-Tsong Lin... more

Czech Chamber of Deputies Speaker Gives Speech on Democracy at NTU-封面圖

Czech Parliament Chamber of Deputies Speaker Markéta Pekarová Adamová led a delegation of more than 30 Czech delegates to visit NTU on the afternoon of March 28. Speaker Adamová and the delegation attended the Taiwan-Czechia Forum on Democratic Resilience, co-held by NTU and European Values Center for Security Policy. The guests were warmly welcomed by NTU President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) and Vice President for International Affairs Hsiao Wei Yuan (袁孝維)... more

Facilitating Taiwan-Japan Bilateral Academic Collaborations-封面圖

NTU welcomed the delegation from University of Tsukuba (UT), including Prof. Nagata Kyosuke (永田恭介), President, Prof. Kanaho Yasunori (金保安則), Vice President, and Prof. Ohneda Osamu (大根田修), Executive Officer for International Strategy. After many online meetings and events during the pandemic, it was very meaningful to host this delegation in person at NTU. President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章), and Prof. Jiun-Haw Lee (李君浩) ... more

Prof. Cheng-Hsiu Tsai and Team Make Major Discovery on Island Extinctions-封面圖

Associate Professor Cheng-Hsiu Tsai of NTU’s Department of Life Science and researchers from 20 institutions worldwide led by Roberto Rozzi collaborated on an international paleontology research project to assess island extinctions globally. This study has been published in Science on March 10, 2023 ... more

Congratulations! Academician Pao-Kuan Wang Wins Nikolai Dotzek Award-封面圖

Dr. Pao-Kuan Wang (王寶貫), Academician of Academia Sinica and Distinguished Chair Professor for Research of NTU’s Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, recently won the Nikolai Dotzek Award presented by the European Severe Storm Laboratory (ESSL). This award is the highest international honor bestowed on scholars of severe storm research. Dr. Wang has dedicated himself to atmospheric science and thunderstorm physics research ... more

NTU 2023 Azalea Festival Returns to Physical Event-封面圖

As the pandemic recedes, the NTU Azalea Festival finally returned to a physical event after three years of waiting. The themed slogan of the Festival this year is “Colorful azaleas beckoning the spring, Diligent students chasing their dreams.” President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) hosted the opening ceremony on March 11. The NTU student clubs and the NTU Wind Band also presented their performances at the ceremony ... more

Congratulations to the 2023 NSTC Outstanding Research Award Winners!-封面圖

Congratulations to the 2023 NSTC Outstanding Research Award Winners! The list of awardees are as follows. Leeyih Wang (王立義), Research Fellow, Center for Condense Matter Sciences (Chemistry), Wen-Liang Lee (李文良), Professor, Department of History (History), Shuei-Liong Lin (林水龍), Professor, the Graduate Institute of Physiology (Kidney Medicine), Han-Mo Chiu (邱瀚模), Attending Doctor ... more

NTU iNGO Academy Connects Taiwan With International Society-封面圖

On March 2, NTU held the NTU iNGO Academy Signing Ceremony to officially launch the NTU iNGO Academy. On behalf of NTU, President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章), Executive Vice President Shih-Torng Ding (丁詩同), and Vice President for International Affairs Hsiao Wei Yuan (袁孝維) signed Letter of Intents with nine non-governmental organizations to cultivate sustainability talents together ... more

VISION 2023 NTU Campus Recruitment Fair-封面圖

VISION 2023 NTU Campus Recruitment Fair kicked off grandly on March 4. This year, about 310 companies participated, with 448 booths set up at the physical exhibition. This year’s fair was divided into seven sections: Information Technology, Finance, Corporate Groups, Diversified Industries, Human Resources, NTU Start-ups, and International Talent Training. The “NTU Start-ups” and “International Talent Training” sections were especially added to the fair to provide students with more diversified and international career options ... more


Congratulations! Prof. Hsin-Chih Lin Winning the 2022 Hou Chin-Tui Distinguished Honor Award-封面圖

Congratulations! Prof. Hsin-Chih Lin (林新智) from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering won the 2022 Hou Chin-Tui Distinguished Honor Award. Established in 1991, this award is supported by Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp. and the THS Foundation. There have been 18 faculty members from the NTU College of Engineering who were conferred this award ... more

Congratulations! Prof. Helen K. Liu Elected as ARNOVA’s Board Director-封面圖

Congratulations! Prof. Helen K. Liu (劉康慧) from the NTU Department of Political Science has been elected as Board Director of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA). She will be assisting in hosting the 2023 and 2024 ARNOVA Annual Conferences. Founded in 1971, ARNOVA is a diverse community of scholars, educators, and practice leaders that strengthens the field of nonprofit and philanthropic research in order to improve civil society and human life ... more

Cornell University Visits to Deepen Bilateral Academic Cooperation and Exchanges-封面圖

On Feb 3, NTU welcomed our prestigious guests visiting us from our partner university—Cornell University, including Provost of Cornell University Michael I. Kotlikoff, Vice Provost for International Affairs Wendy Wolford, and Asia Director for International Alumni Relations Hongnan Ma. The delegations were greeted by Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan (袁孝維), Vice President of International Affairs at NTU, who is also a Cornell University Alumni, and met with NTU representatives. ... more

Temperature Modifies Trait-Mediated Infection Outcomes in a Daphnia–fungal Parasite System-封面圖

Prof. Syuan-Jyun Sun(孫烜駿) from the International Degree Program Climate Change and Sustainable Development, working together with the research team led by Prof. Meghan Duffy from University of Michigan, used a zooplankton-fungus (Daphnia dentifera-Metschnikowia bicuspidata) disease system to experimentally investigate how temperature impacted physical barriers to infection and cellular immune responses. They found that Daphnia reared at warmer temperatures had more robust physical barriers to infection but decreased cellular immune responses during the initial infection process ... more

Single-Cell Transcriptomics Unveils Xylem Cell Development and Evolution-封面圖

Through both single-cell and laser-capture microdissection transcriptomic profiling, the research team led by Ying-Chung Jimmy Lin(林盈仲) from the NTU Institute of Plant Biology, PhD students Chia-Chun Tung (董家均), Shang-Che Kuo (郭尚哲), Jhong-He Yu (余中合), and Assistant Research Fellow Chuan Ku (顧銓) from the Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica, demonstrate the developmental lineages of ray and fusiform cells in stem-differentiating xylem across four divergent woody angiosperms. ... more

2023 NTU Azalea Festival-封面圖

2023 NTU Azalea Festival

Date: 2023/2/22

In the warm spring of March, NTU is once again hosting the 2023 NTU Azalea Festival. The slogan of the festival this year is “Colorful azaleas beckoning the spring, Diligent students chasing their dreams.” As the pandemic is easing, NTU resumes on-site festivities to celebrate this annual event ... more

Updated Epidemic Measures for the 111-2/2023 Spring Semester-封面圖

In accordance with the announcement of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) of loosening the mask-wearing regulations indoors from February 20 and the Ministry of Education’s announcement of easing mask restrictions indoors at school of all levels from March 6, NTU announces the following epidemic measures effective from the upcoming semester (111-2). The measures will be flexibly adjusted according to the latest CECC announcements ... more

Anticipating the Occurrence and Type of Critical Transitions-封面圖

Prof. Chih-hao Hsieh from the Institute of Oceanography and Prof. Chun-Wei Chang from the Institute of Fishery Sciences, NTU lead an international team and develop a novel method that successfully anticipates the occurrence and type of a variety of critical transition events. This study, published in Science Advances (Jan 2023), overcomes the long-lasting challenge in revealing a quantitative threshold as well as distinguishing types of critical transition by early warning signals using empirical data collected in real-world systems ... more

NTU Press Won the Gold Award for Booth Design at the Taipei International Book Fair-封面圖

The 2023 Taipei International Book Fair was grandly held at Exhibition Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center from the end of January to the beginning of February. NTU Press (NTUP) organized an exquisite book exhibition under the theme of “Knowledge Intersections” at the venue. The creative booth design presented the academic publications of NTUP collected over the years. In addition to the book exhibition, NTUP also hosted nine seminars, attracting many readers to participate ... more


NTU 2023 Spring Festival Ceremony-封面圖

At the beginning of 2023, the Year of the Rabbit, NTU held a ceremony on January 31, inviting former Presidents and current President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) along with other honorable guests to celebrate the Spring Festival. During the event, Chung-Ching Chen (陳崇青), doctoral student from the Graduate Institute of Musicology, and Musician Sayun Chang (張幼欣) were invited to perform two songs with liuqin. ... more

NTU Won Tenth Taiwan Landscape Award: The Rebirth of the Atrium of NTU’s College-封面圖

With the financial aid provided by NTU alumnus Yun-Chu Huang (黃雲駒), along with the assistance of the department office and the alumni society of the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, the landscape of the atrium located between Building No. 4 of the Department of Horticulture and Building No. 5 of the Department of Bioengineering on the NTU main campus has been transformed into an exquisite garden with ecological education value ... more

Professor Wen-Chang Chen Takes Office as NTU’s 13th President-封面圖

Professor Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) took up the post as NTU’s 13th president on January 7. The ceremony was overseen by the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s Political Deputy Minister of Education Mon-Chi Lio (劉孟奇). Former Presidents Chen Sun (孫震), Wei-Jao Chen (陳維昭), and Pan-Chyr Yang (楊泮池) all gave congratulations to President Wen-Chang Chen during their warm speeches ... more

Former Residence of Prof. Jing-Nong Tai Revitalized-封面圖

Under the leadership of Executive Vice President Chiapei Chou on the restoration project of the former residence of Professor Jing-Nong Tai, NTU has successfully transformed this historical place into a one-of-a-kind cultural landscape—Jing-Nong Tai Culture Center ... more

Tracking Westerly Wind Directions Over the Past 6,500 Years-封面圖

The international team led by Dr. Hsun-Ming Hu, Dr. Shih-Yu Lee, and Prof. Chuan-Chou Shen revealed the detailed history of the westerly winds belt over the past 6,500 years. The research was published in the top journal Nature Communications on December 21. ... more

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