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Established date: 1963
Tel: +886-2-3366-5022 or 3366-5023
Fax: +886-2-2363-7204
E-mail: cchelp@ntu.edu.tw
Website: http://www.cc.ntu.edu.tw/


The Computer and Information Networking Center (C&INC), originally named the Computer Center, was established in September 1963 and become a first level unit under the direct supervision of the University President in 1986. According to the organization regulations promulgated in December 1995, it was renamed as the Computer and Information Networking Center or briefly as “C&INC.”.

Organization and Objective

In the past, the center is in charge of developing and building the information systems and campus network, in order to be the Center of e-university, computing, information and internet service. Now, our new goal is to establish the “iNTU (intelligent National Taiwan University) Campus”, to provide all university brand new information and communication environments. The Center consists of an Administrative Office, a Division of System Design, a Division of E-learning, a Division of Information Management, a Division of Network Management and a Division of Consultation and Service, for the purpose of providing a creative, safe, convenient and high-quality environments for computing and networking, to promote the quality of teaching, research and services.

Future Projects

The Service-Oriented Architecture has been adapted to work for electronic campus administration to achieve the goal of unifying the service system for campus resources. Electronic forms will not only reduce the waste of paper but also shorten the administrative process. Through purchasing an important collection of software and hardware for teaching and research is maintained. By sharing software, we provide a popular computing environment. A high performance computing environment is also established to provide better computing support for research groups to accelerate their experiments and promote research production. The Center upgrades all the basic equipment for the network and provides a ubiquitous service for computing and communication to achieve a ubiquitous electronic campus. In the field of ICT (Information and communication technologies), the Center plays an active and positive role in supporting teachers and students in research and teaching. Through forward-looking NTU Cloud Computing Services, the Center provides high efficient teaching, research, and learning tools (IT hardware, services, software, mobile applications, etc.), in order to create the whole innovative and high-technology i-NTU campus.

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