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E-mail: linsun@ntu.edu.tw
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The Military Education Office is in charge of the administrative affairs that related to military education in the university. The Director of Military Education Office supervises the Teaching and Research Section, the Military Service Affairs Section and the Service Section, each section has a certain number of Military Training Instructors.

Future Prospects

Teaching and Research Section

  1. Improving the teaching and learning capability of each Military Training Instructor.
  2. Encouraging the multi-media teaching methods.
  3. Implementing the effects of first-aid courses.
  4. Cultivating all students have the spirit of "Love one's country, love one's people".

Military Service Affairs Section

The new policy is to turn the military service system into a diversified system. In response to the trend, the section frequently invites personnel from government agencies and experts to seminars, thus assists graduating students gather correct information to pass the related exams.

Service Section

  1. Implement safety measures on Campus Accident Management to assure safety around the campus.
  2. Offer good service and efficient help for all students based on the "Protocol for handling student emergencies and accidents".
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