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In order for the school to become one of the world's top universities, it is crucial for the school to upgrade its academic research standards, and enhance international competitiveness in an effort to cultivate more talents. The R&D Board is the school's administrative unit in charge of academic research. To assist in planning and promoting the school's academic research, the Board has the following missions:

  1. Strengthen, expand, and encourage R&D of the school's various fields, and build a quality research infrastructure in an effort to create a favorable research environment so as to cement the school's leading edge in academic research.
  2. Encourage union of traditional academic activities and relevant subjects' current research in order to promote the objective of liberal education, solidify the research capability of various branches of learning at the graduate school level, and further academic research cooperation and exchange with well-known academic research institutions abroad.
  3. Encourage various departments and graduate schools to engage in interdisciplinary research development and realization, and provide them with the administrative assistance they need as much as possible, in an effort to facilitate effective and non-conventional research.
  4. Provide research by emerging interdisciplinary branches of learning (i.e. research not suitable to be included in traditional department/school classifications) with ample research resources in order to keep the school's leading edge in the R&D of high technology.
  5. Assist the school's teachers and research personnel in obtaining funding from the government and businesses, and determine the individuals/units responsible for the proper use of the funds.
  6. Build a well-equipped animal experiment research center to encourage on-campus animal experiments of top research standards.
  7. Reinforce cooperation and exchange between industry and academia in order to encourage teachers to engage in development and application of new resources and technologies beneficial for the country. Adequately provide support in the area of patent and intellectual property management in an effort to promote birth of industries of new technology.
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