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Organization and Objectives

National Taiwan University Press aims to encourage research, enhance the quality of teaching, and publish academic books and journals. The regulations for the University Press were revised at a meeting of the Academic Affairs Committee in October 1996, and subsequently approved by the Ministry of Education. The university president now appoints the director of University Press from among the University professors. The director is guided by an Advisory Committee, which is headed by a chairman chosen by the committee from among its members, who serve three-year terms. The Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing the University Press's annual plans, for the allocation, management and distribution of operating funds, and for drafting, passing, revising and abolishing regulations. The Press director serves concurrently as Executive Secretary of the Advisory Board. The University Press has two divisions, the Editorial Publications Division and the Marketing Division, each of which has a division head and a number of employees. There is, in addition, an Editorial Committee, responsible for reviewing and approving manuscripts submitted to the University Press for publication, and a Publications Committee responsible for reviewing publication requests submitted by departments of the University.

Work Report

The University Press and bookstore are located on the north side of the lower floor (B1) of the NTU Main Library. Its responsibilities include:

  1. Editing and publishing: Establishing and maintaining an editorial committee with rigorous standards; editing and publishing academic and educational materials.
  2. Processing applications from University departments to subsidies academic publications: Establishing and maintaining a publications committee to review applications submitted by each department to publish academic journals, and to distribute the amount of each subsidy.
  3. Operating the University Bookstore: Selling scholarly books, ordering textbooks, printing and selling souvenirs and other products with the National Taiwan University emblem; holding book exhibitions.
  4. Processing GPN, ISSN, ISBN, and CIP applications for university publications.
  5. Publishing Chinese and English versions of An Overview of National Taiwan University and Prospectus of National Taiwan University; gather and publish introductory information from each department.

Future Prospects

The University Press formally opens its Scholarly Electronic Journal for public use in 2003. The University Press is cooperating with the university's Industrial Engineering Institute to publish conference proceedings on CD-ROMs. In addition to distributing educational materials, the press also publishes electronic publications and multimedia materials.

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